New Me, New You
On Wednesday we role play?

A: - The most of all things I miss being with a person, with people I don't know. To examine their face as they tell me details about their irrelevant experiences and life events. I listen, carefully, without paying much attention to the meaning of the words, but rather how they are pronounced. What does their mouth have to do to pronounce "susceptible"? Incredible. I want more. I am hooked. What about hands? The skin is a little dry (the story continues into the different types of chat rooms there are and strictly healing music)and there is a bandage on the left middle finger tip. I wonder what happened there, but I don’t ask. I don't have to know…
U: - Yes. I miss that too. When you can choose a perspective of observing and a tool to enter, a tool to engage with the conversation. Not just verbal communication exists, used to exist. I propose - let’s do role play every Wednesday. You can be New You, I will be New Me or a totally different person. You feel me? We can take it very far, if it feels right. First we introduce ourselves and that we talk, maybe we find out that we have common needs, people we both know or even family. We observe each other, listen and when the time is up - we hang up.
I am best friends with your virtual self and I haven't even seen the bottom half of you.
17th Dec, 2020 from Ana Chrona's Diary
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Virtual Survival Kit

Cyberbody self-care and other tips
A: - Hey, you look great today. Did you do something new to your hair? Are you wearing makeup?
U: - No, none of those things, but it's sunny outside. I LOOK GOOD (ON CAMERA) WHEN THE SUN SHINES. I have not had a shower for the 5 days that I haven’t left this room. And if the sun keeps shining I might not shower at all ever.
A virtual body is the state of being when inhabiting virtual reality or a virtual environment.

Virtual body in itself is a fluid state of being that conceals itself within social constructions.

There are two particular ways that the virtual body is frequently discussed; the disembodied essence of a person's mind in cyberspace and the consequent representation of a person's identity as a virtual body in cyberspace.
Image borrowed from Trash & Culture (fb)

A: - My computer ran out of memory. My external hard drive ran out of memory. My backup hard drive ran out of memory. My little green USB stick ran out of memory a long time ago.
I ran out of memory.
Desperate times.
We keep going.
I feel obsessed with documenting this.
I like seeing the dirt on my computer screen in the video of our zoom Dance Date filmed on my iPhone. Those greasy fingerprints seem the most real thing I have seen all week, and I am excited to see them.
You are throwing me a ball. I am catching an imaginary ball. I like how simple and naive that is. Are we still trying to be playful?
I throw my phone back at you.
I sense we are tired. They announced curfew yesterday. It’s past curfew o’clock as we speak.
Are you still watching? We are trying to re-channel something through multiple walls of screens, to connect, yes, are we trying to connect still? It might be very boring to watch. We are out of focus and out of frame. I feel out of focus and out of frame. Do you enjoy seeing me that way?
21st Dec, 2021 from Ana Chrona's Diary
<..> The future seems more and more constrained, materially, but, on the flip side, you are freer and freer to build your own virtual worlds and get lost in them.
Ben Davis, January 22, 2021 for artNet